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Sylvia Eder Art

Sea Space Series I-VIII, 13x18 cm

Sea Space Series I-VIII, 13x18 cm

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Doesn´t this gorgeous color combination remind you of the sea and the rising of the sun? So joyful and pleasing to the eye, right?...

This series of little abstract artworks on paper consists of 6 13x18 cm paintings and 2  paintings 9x18 cm. They are all very beautiful due to its color combination.

One painting is Euro 85,-

If purchased 2 = you save Euro 5,-

If purchased 3 = you save Euro 10,-

If purchased 4 = you save Euro 15,-

If purchased 5 = you save Euro 20,-

If purchased 6 = you save Euro 25,-

If you purchase the whole set, you save Euro 30,-


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60x80 cm

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