Hi, I´m Sylvia

Hi, I´m Sylvia and I´m a painter.

I´m not very keen on the word artist, because if what I do is art or not other people should marter their heads about. What is art anyway?

I have loved to paint my whole life, primarily flowers and landcapes but also abstract art I find intriguing 

I started at the age of 11, after my parents and I went to see a woman-painter of old furniture. I was simply stunned by the colorful wooden furniture which were painted with beautiful flower bouquets and scenes of the seasons on big chests of drawers or wardrobes.

So the next day I bought 2 little pots of paint, - red and white -, and started to paint little roses in a wet-in-wet-technique and was thrilled that I found it quite easy. So I spent hours on end until midnight, that my mom came into my room and set an end of it for the day.

At the age of 15 I already sold little caskets, painted napkin rings, wooden boards, milk cans and little bedside chests on the Christmas market in my home town on the week-ends. Boy, was I proud.

I didn´t leave it at the so-called ´Bauernmalerei´, but went to join various oil painting courses in Aachen, watercolour courses on Sylt and since 2019 several intensive acrylic blooms painting courses online.

My motivation mainly stems from my love to the natural surroundings to which I feel quite close. Whether it is our German woods, the sea, the beautiful green landcape and blue skies of the Eifel,...

The numerous colorful flowers in my garden or exotic animals and plants of remote countries, the incredible variety of motives make me want to paint incessantly.

Nature can give us so much joy, if we just take the time, open our eyes and hearts and truly gaze and observe.

The sheer number of colors make me want to try out new combinations of hues and tones. I also find it very interesting to experiment with various structures, materials and different tools to paint. In painting I find true freedom and joy.

So I deeply hope that my paintings can bring joy into your homes and hearts as well.