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Sylvia Eder Art

Freedom and peace, 80x40cm

Freedom and peace, 80x40cm

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"Freedom and Peace" shines in gentle pastel shades, an interplay of gold, light blue, pink, and white. The painting feels like a whisper of freedom, floating through the space and gently embracing the viewer. In its soft brushstrokes, the longing for peace seems to be captured, a tranquility that touches the soul. The harmonious composition invites one to immerse into a world full of serenity and hope. Every glance reveals new details that ignite the imagination. "Freedom and Peace" is not just an statement piece of our Zeitgeist, the longing for a more laid back time, but a window to inner harmony and stillness.

This piece of artwork is protected by a varnish, has a clasical wire hanging device and is signed on the back. No frame needed, sides are painted.


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