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Sylvia Eder Art

Eternal bliss, 60x40 cm

Eternal bliss, 60x40 cm

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There is a little story behing this painting: My daughter needed to recite what she had learned for some economics exam... So here I was, finally, glad having made it to my happy space, my studio, wanting to paint, and her sitting on our old cozy couch reciting stuff I have no clue about, so I started with some yellows and pinks, some pick-me-up colours, cheerful and bright

Needless to say that my thoughts started very quickly to wander to a very non-economic space. The stairs seem to have sneeked in from some economic chart my daughter was mentioning... Looking at these happy colours in the morning will help you put a smile on your face and get ready for the "economic" part of the day ...

60x40 cm

Protective glossy finish, ready to hang, no frame needed.

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60x80 cm

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